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There are two types of internal load bearing partitions which we supply, Metsec which is metal framed and standard timber framed partitions designed by clients representatives.

Westlink Contract Services are a registered Metsec plc Framing installer.

Westlink Contract Services offer in their services to install both systems supplied by Metsec plc

Metsec SFS and MetFRAME are high precision, loadbearing steel frame solutions suitable for all types of buildings. When used in conjunction with drylinings and insulation products, they provide fast-track construction solutions for individual internal loadbearing walls and partitions and even high bay separating walls. As part of the services offered by Westlink Contract Services, Metsec plc take the full design responsibility from the customer at the outset and then using their highly experienced technical team of engineers in conjunction with the clients Design Team produce detailed designs which are covered by Metsec plc Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

Benefits of the Metsec system

1.  High precision, loadbearing systems
2.  Proven record in ‘fast-track’ construction
3.  Reduced maintenance
4.  Ideal for low ground bearing pressure situations
5.  Less material wastage

Timber framed partitions

Westlink Contract Services also install timber framed internal load bearing partitions in accordance with drawings, specifications and manufacturers recommendations.

These can be installed to suit any width, thickness or height within recommended limits and to comply with designs and specifications to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, high impact and height requirements.

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