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We can offer a choice from a diverse range of Raised Access Floor solutions and have carried out the supply and installation of Raised Access Floors in a variety of different locations to suit our clients requirements.

Our flooring solutions systems can be ordered and installed with a variety of flooring finishes to suit the application such as carpets, high-pressure laminates, marble, stone, and antistatic finishes for use in computer rooms and laboratories.

These systems are installed by our craftsmen, and offer all the benefits of a Raised Access Floor while maintaining the correct image.

A raised access floor is a system comprised of panels that are normally 600mm x 600mm square, the panels are supported at their corners by adjustable-height legs called pedestals, and the pedestals are then fixed to the sub-floor, using an adhesive and secondary fixings if required.

Panels can be ordered in different sizes if required.

A raised access floor is typically specified for use in buildings with a high requirement for services and to carry data cabling, wiring, trunking and electrical supply, air conditioning/ventilation or chilled water pipes. These can be commercial, industrial, retail, office and even in some cases domestic situations. Pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and schools and universities also install raised access floors.

In some instances additional structural support and even lighting is often provided when the space beneath the floor has to be raised high enough for a person to crawl under.

The panels are normally made of steel-clad particleboard or a steel panel with a cementitious internal core. Depending on the Clients requirements the floors can be classified for heavy duty industrial loads down to light duty foot traffic in office environments.

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