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In recent times with the advent of climate change the possibility of water damage arising as a result of flooding is an ever increasing threat to domestic, industrial, retail and commercial properties.

We specialize in all forms of repair works and reinstatement after flooding including...

1.  Removal and replacement of all damaged joinery works skirtings, doors, architraves, cabinets etc.
2.  Lifting and replacement of floor finishes carpet tiles vinyl etc.
3.  Stripping and replacement of services affected electrical plumbing drainage etc.
4.  Removal of internal and external wall finishes and replacement to match existing
5.  Installation of energy saving materials (see green energy services section)
6.  Painting and decorating
7.  Removal of all flood bourne waste matter and sterilization of properties

Repair work can only take place once the property has dried out sufficiently and we will test the structures to ensure that this point has been reached prior to works commencing.

Once the properties have been assessed by Insurance companies we can provide immediate and effective assistance.

We will provide equipment essential to accelerating the drying out process such as pumps dehumidifiers, heaters, warm air blowers and the like in order to speed up the process and allow occupancy as soon as possible after the event.

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