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Suspended ceilings are also referred to as a dropped ceiling or false ceiling.

Such ceilings are formed to conceal piping, cable trays, wiring, plant and equipment or ductwork, or simply to conceal the underside of the floor above.

These ceilings are generally constructed from a grid-work of metal channels fixed to and suspended on wires from the overhead structural soffit. These channels snap together in a regularly spaced pattern - typically a 600 x 1200 mm or 600 x 600 mm grid - and each cell is filled with lightweight "acoustic ceiling tiles" or "panels" which simply drop into the grid. Clip in tiles can be used with a concealed grid so as the support grid is hidden.

Ceiling tiles can be selected from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, or mineral fibres, and can come in a wide range of colours and surface finish or texture.

Fluorescent light fixtures, air supply diffusers, and return air grilles, and incandescent lights, various electrical devices, and sprinkler heads are coordinated with the grid system and then installed into the grid as desired.

Suspended ceilings can also be constructed as a plenum offering acoustic balance and control in a room. The acoustic performance of suspended ceilings has improved dramatically over the years, with enhanced sound absorption and sound attenuation.

Our services include the following...

1.  Installation of all exposed grid type ceilings
2.  Installation of all concealed grid type ceilings
3.  Forming of bulkheads and downstands/upstands to details
4.  Skimming/Finish coats

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