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The use of jointing compounds to fill joints and cover nail holes in plasterboard linings has become a widely used alternative to totally covering the surface of the boards with a wet plaster finishing coat in recent years.

A quality of finish equalling that of a skim coat plaster is achievable through a build up of coats of jointing compounds directly to a plasterboard lining.

Using a professional tape jointer leaves walls ready for decorating with the minimum of preparation. We only use good quality materials and always prepare surfaces properly before we begin leaving our walls finished to our Clients satisfaction.

We only employ very experienced tape jointers.

Taping and jointing produces a smooth, continuous, crack free surface ready for final decoration. The jointing process has three application stages - bedding the tape and joint materials filling the joint, secondary filling to take up shrinkage and then a final finish coat.

Each of the three coats is sanded down as necessary to ensure a blemish free finish.

The advantages of using this method of finishing compared to traditional plastering or skimming are…

1.  Quicker application time on site
2.  Minimum drying time
3.  Little loading out of and mixing of plastering materials
4.  Minimum subsequent drying out cracks

Also taping and jointing in substantially completed areas of a building may be a preferable as it is considered a cleaner method of preparing the background, leaving the surface ready for paint once dry.

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